As you finish your last minute shopping and go to that final Christmas party don’t forget to give a gift to your brain!  So many of us, as the year draws to a close, use this time to reflect.  We look back at our year and most of us begin beating ourselves up for what we didn’t do.  We recount our shortcomings, look at our not- so- perfect waistline, bank account, cluttered closets… the list goes on.  Then with grim determination and  gritted teeth we make out our New Year’s Resolutions.  What joy!  I have a different suggestion…

Starting today and continuing through New Year get out  a beautiful piece of paper, journal or notebook, pick up your favorite pen and start listing your successes for the year.  Be generous and list the small as well as big accomplishments.  This is like a beautifully wrapped gift to your brain.  A part of your subconscious mind is the Reticular Activating System.  It is the filter that sifts through the information you are exposed to.  It decides if you should notice the information consciously  or not.  The RAS is an obedient servant looking into the world for anything you have said is important.  This year give it lists of successes to focus on.  As you give yourself the message that you are successful your brain will automatically (Really, this is without conscious work!  Don’t you love it?) look out into your world and find other opportunities and resources to create success.  This gives you the edge you want to reach your goals and have fun doing it.  So get started now.  It will make your Christmas merry and bright!

Have an amazing Monday,

Leanna Fredrich, Mindset Coach, Adv. EFT, Adv. Psych-K

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