I don’t know about you, but whenever I visit a new website from someone I don’t know, it’s hard for me to understand what they do, who they work with and how they can help me.Below is intended to help you understand who I am, what my journey is and how that journey benefits the peak performers I work with.

Here’s the deal, extremely successful people often feel a lot of pressure and isolation because they’re at the top of their game and don’t have anyone to confide in or discuss options with because family and friends don’t understand what they’re up against.Also, peak performers, being as successful as they are, have some unique fears about keeping what they’ve accomplished. Most people in their lives can’t understand how that affects them on a daily basis.

Peak performers work hard and get their edge by staying “in the zone” where business and success flow. But sometimes, out of fear or belief limitations, they essentially hit a wall where things aren’t coming as easily or their success isn’t going to the next level.   Occasionally, they’ll even sabotage in an area of their life so they feel “balanced” since others believe “you can’t have it all.” For instance, maybe their business or career is taking off, but they’re going through their second divorce. That doesn’t need to happen!

Someone You Can Trust

One of the biggest fears of success is the fear of loneliness. No longer can you stand and bad mouth your boss at the watercooler… you are the boss! No one wants to hear about your troubles when they see you at the top of your game. That’s one of the reasons top performers need a coach, someone who will listen without an agenda (except your success!) who will keep the coaching conversation confidential and who has the training and experience to see where you might be blocking your continued success and happiness.

 Journey Towards Peak Performance

My journey began as an educator. What really got me out of bed in the morning and what I continually studied was finding out what motivated my students to do well and be excited about it. I’ve always loved learning and finding the most efficient ways to reach goals while having the maximum amount of fun!

After seven years as an educator I picked up a book about a Life Coach. This was a career I had not even heard of before. By the end of the book I decided this was what I wanted to do. I went back to school and completed my Coach training. During that training I learned to listen carefully. I learned how to hear “between-the-words” for what the client was really saying they wanted. I learned to look for thought patterns that were keeping my client from having the level of success they wanted. I had many tools to help my clients move forward using their conscious mind. And it worked! My clients made great progress. But even though I saw change in many areas of my client’s lives there were some areas that they were still stuck. Call after call we would be talking about the same problems and couldn’t seem to move forward. Even more frustrating and embarrassing I was still stuck in some areas of my life and couldn’t seem to change.

I knew it was all about beliefs. Certain beliefs I had were holding me back. I tried changing them by writing down the belief I wanted to have and then reading it out loud several times a day. Although this worked to change some beliefs, the results were mixed at best.

What I didn’t know at that time was a fact that neuro-scientists are now proving. The subconscious mind uses at least 95% of your brain and the conscious mind less than 5%. The subconscious works a million times quicker, and controls your life sustaining functions as well as influencing your conscious mind.

I was trying to change my beliefs by consciously shifting them. I was using the weakest part of my brain and getting very poor results. It’s like using a toothpick to pry a boulder out of place! Here is a good example of the overriding power of the subconscious mind. Think of a time when you decided that on the way home you would stop at the grocery store. This will require you to get off at a different exit than you normally do. It only takes one distraction, a good song on the radio, thinking about a problem at work and off you go past the exit and home. In order to make that exit you have to keep consciously thinking about it or the subconscious mind takes over. That is why changing your beliefs using your conscious mind is so hard!

To top it all off most of our beliefs we did not consciously choose. They were absorbed when we were very young. Researchers show that the brain of children between birth and two years of age operates at a low EEG frequency called Delta waves. From ages 2-6 the brain waves are predominantly Theta waves. Dr. Lipton states that,“Hypnotherapists drop their patients’ brain activity into Delta and Theta because these low frequency brain waves put them into a more suggestible, programmable state.”

Simply put, between the ages of 2-6 we are very suggestible. For the most part that is a good thing because it is important that we learn a lot of information quickly in order to keep safe and survive. The downside is that we accept others’ beliefs as our own without questioning and we carry those beliefs in our subconscious minds for the rest of our lives.

All this research was interesting but not very helpful until I begin looking around for other techniques and tools that would help my clients and I change beliefs at the subconscious level. Frustration turned to excitement as I begin trying out and gathering tools that really worked. I know because I consistently use these techniques in my own life.

We can make reaching our goals and creating passion-filled, joyful lives so much easier by knowing how to work with our brains and by taking the right action at the right time. That is what I love coaching my clients how to do… Create amazing lives with less struggle and more fun by using the power of the brain.

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