Life is meant to be experienced not embalmed. Oka Doner

Perfection is a trifle dull. It is not the least of life’s ironies that this, which we all aim at, is better not quite achieved. Somerset Maugham

Don’t take yourself so seriously. Learn to laugh at yourself and you’ll always have someone to laugh with.

Thinking it Through:

Most of us live in fear of making a major, embarrassing mistake. Like getting the giggles during a funeral, burping while giving a speech, or yes, farting during yoga. I can still remember when I was in kindergarten watching my sweet, little friend on her birthday. The teacher brought her in front of the class so we could all sing Happy Birthday to her and she could wear the birthday crown. During our singing, I watched with horror as she slowly peed on the floor.  Here I am just a “few” years later cringing as I think about what happen to her.

Everyone worries about mistakes such as this. I wonder how much it is holding us back from going for what we want? The fear of embarrassment at making a mistake. The fact is, everyone makes mistakes, everyone gets embarrassed once in a while. In order to accomplish big goals we must take the chance of being seen and yes, doing something embarrassing.

Perhaps it is time to quit taking ourselves so seriously, embrace our mistakes, laugh at our faux pax’s and get on with living life to the fullest. I promise I will still try to keep from farting in yoga in deference to my classmates but if it happens, I will choose to laugh and the world will keep turning.


  1. Is the fear of making a mistake holding you back from creating what you want?
  2. How do you handle it when you embarrass yourself?
  3. Are you afraid of standing out and being seen in a big way?
  4. Are you still beating yourself up for past mistakes?

Leanna Fredrich, Life Coach

PS:  If you can’t seem to get past old mistakes or fears email me.  I’ll be happy to get you unstuck!

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