“Rest and be thankful.” William Wordsworth

“When you find yourself declaring that absolutely, no way, can you possibly take time off, that is exactly when you need to.” Jennifer Louden

“A little sacred space is a gift we give ourselves, our homes, and our families – even if they wonder what on earth this is about.” Victoria Moran


Taking time out to stop, rest and still the mind is so important to creating a passionate life. One of the ways to do this is to have a special place of quiet. It can be as simple as a favorite chair and blanket. You might add a candle, picture, inspirational book or a journal to your quiet spot. Having this special spot is a great way to remind yourself to stop and take the time you need to reconnect. Set up a quiet place for yourself today. You deserve it!

Coaching Questions:

1. Do you have a favorite spot for “quiet time?”

2. What can you do to make that sacred place special?

3. What will it take to start taking a few minutes of quiet time everyday?

4. Will you do it today?

Dance with Joy,

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