“You die when you are faking it, and you are alive when you are truthful.” Maria Irene Fornes

“Be what you are. This is the first step toward becoming better than you are.” JC Hare and A.W. Hare

“It takes a lot of energy to keep parts of yourself under wraps. Stifle too many of them, and you risk losing a bit of your soul.” Victoria Moran

Coaching Thoughts:

Don’t you love the surprise when you find out that quiet accountant at work does stand-up comedy on the weekends? Or perhaps you find out the bubbly,outgoing salesperson spends an occasional weekend at a meditation retreat. It is the eccentricities of people that brings out their color and makes them interesting. Eccentricities. Don’t you love that word? It is the opposite of boring. Often though we hide our eccentricities because we are afraid of ridicule. Maybe we were told in so many words that we need to fit in more. ..be like everyone else. Just for the month of June I want to encourage you to think about what makes you different and allow the differences to come out and play!

Coaching Questions:

1. How are you eccentric?

2. What uniqueness do you have that you often hide from others?

3. Think back to when you were six years old. What did you want to be? Don’t stop at “ballerina” or “movie star” but concentrate on the kind of person you wanted to be.

4. What can you do today to let your uniqueness shine?

I would love to hear what is unique about you and how you let it out. Feel free to post it here on my blog for everyone to enjoy and be motivated to let their uniqueness out to play.

Have a very eccentric June!
Leanna Fredrich
Success Coach
“When you are ready to go from burned out to fired up!”

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