“For even when the time comes and you can relax, you hardly know how.” Alice Foote MacDougall

“If anybody says, “I need it pronto,” remember that in Italian pronto is just another way to say “hello.” Unknown

You create stress for yourself because you feel like you have to do it. You HAVE to. I don’t feel that anymore.” Oprah Winfrey

Life can become so busy that we feel in a constant state of overwhelm. We feel like we can never get enough done in a day. It is time to take a deep breath and schedule some silence and emptiness into our lives. Prioritize each day so you know exactly what is most important and then focus on that. Allow yourself to enjoy this day.

Coaching Questions:

1. Ask yourself this questions each day…. If this is the only thing I accomplish today, will I be satisfied with my day?

2. What are the top three activities I use to fill time to feel as though I’ve been productive but really are usually used to postpone more important actions?

3. Do I allow my cell phone and email to dictate how many interruptions I have during the day?

4. If you could only work two hours a day what would be most important to do?

Dance with Joy,
Leanna Fredrich
Life Coach

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