Here are a few of the many benefits Coaching will provide you.

  • Coaching puts the emphasis on the whole person,  We begin by finding your core strengths and top leadership style. Then taking that information  we use it to maximize your potential so you will be successful with less effort and have more fun in the process!
  • My job is to support you to have, not a balanced life but a passionate life. A life that feels authentic and joyful.
  •   One of my specialties is helping people lower stress and anxieties so they can move into a more creative and peaceful state of mind.
  • Success, by it’s very nature requires us to grow and push through mental blocks. The fact is, we don’t get what we deserve, we get what we believe we deserve. When our dreams and goals don’t match up with our subconscious beliefs then we begin to sabotage whether that’s in our career, relationships or health.  That’s where I come in… as part of your success team, to work with you to make sure your beliefs line up with what you really want to create in your life so you can have it all and keep it all.
  • Together we will clarify issues, examine limiting beliefs and generate solutions with a compelling course of action.
  • Get clear on your vision and develop a compelling reason “Why” so you will stay motivated throughout the year.
  • You will gain a confidante.  Many people in leadership positions don’t have anyone they feel they can talk to about their issues; you will have that someone in your corner.
  • Uncover your limiting beliefs and the old patterns that are holding you back. Perhaps you know what your purpose and vision are and you take action. Now is when the old pattern’s and beliefs start messing you up. All of us have them! Life Coaching gives you a person trained to see your destructive patterns and bring them into the light. That’s when change begins and reaching your goals becomes less of a struggle.
  • Coaching holds you accountable for taking action towards your goals. Most of us have experienced signing up for a gym. The first month we go regularly and then somehow we find that weeks have gone by since working out. What a difference it makes when we sign up for sessions with a personal trainer! Now we show up because we don’t want to let the personal trainer down. We are getting more out of the workout and enjoying the motivation another person gives. The same thing is true of Coaching. The only difference is that we focus on creating a strong, vibrant, rewarding life.

  • Enhance your leadership skills.

  • Enjoy life now! Don’t wait until your life is “perfect” to celebrate, do it now! Build those celebration muscles everyday. Notice your success. Successful people focus on past success.

Get the Life Coaching support you and your life deserve! Here’s what client’s are saying…

I have regained energy, excitement and hope by opening up possibilities in all areas of my life. I can’t wait to begin each new day with my new life unfolding in ways I had thought impossible but now see as absolutely attainable!” Judy King

“Leanna helped me break my goals into manageable steps and then followed up with me on my progress. I knew she wouldn’t forget to ask so I took action!” CJ

Leanna has developed the exceptional skill of creating an environment of
safety that allows her clients to move out of their comfort zone and into a
place where positive change can take place. She has that unique balance of
kindness and patience along with high expectations and accountability.
Leanna is guiding my personal and professional growth and in the process showing me how to take out the struggle and replace it with appreciation and
joy.” JG

Leanna is truly gifted at helping you find your passion and working with you to make the dream a reality.” Shannon Clay

Leanna listens without judgment and has a way of reminding me of my strength and power.” MB

I stopped wasting time and realized my dreams could become a reality much sooner then I ever imagined! Give yourself the gift of this time to put your vision into focus.” J.S.

It’s easy!

 Coaching is done over the phone from the comfort of your home or office. You may even come to the calls in your pajama’s! (I promise I don’t own a video phone!) The sessions are an intense 45 minutes focused completely on YOU.

Email  now to set up a 15 minute complimentary consultation  to see if Coaching is right for you.  Email me at

Here’s a bit about me…The last 13 years I have spent my day’s coaching, facilitating seminars on a range of topics from leadership,communication skills,successful change to career transition, writing books, speaking and creating products.  I’ve been fortunate to conduct workshops for companies including, T-Mobile, Sun Microsystems, Live Out Loud and the Tony Robbins Company.

Executive Coaching (3,6 and 12 month packages available)

  • Initial telephone coaching session to set the framework and goals for the coaching relationship
  • Strength’s Test (Book and test included)
  • 1 hour phone debrief on Strength’s results
  • Leadership Style Assessment (Book and Test included)
  • 1 hour phone debrief on Leadership Style results
  • 2- 45 minutes  Coaching Sessions (over the phone) per month
  • 10 minute “Just in Times” Sessions (scheduled 24 hours in advance)
  • Unlimited email support
  • Quarterly reevaluations to set direction and check progress.

Top Performance Professional Coaching (3,6 and 12 month packages available)

  • Initial telephone coaching session to set the framework and goals for the coaching relationship
  • Strength’s Test (Book and test included)
  • 2-45 minute phone Coaching Sessions (over the phone) per month
  • Unlimited email support


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