Do you feel like you are driving the car of life with your brakes on? You know something is holding you back from reaching your goals but are not sure what it is. As a Life Coach I have worked with many clients who feel like you do. In the past most of my clients made great progress as we worked together but there were always some who got stuck and no matter what we tried they had minimal success. This was frustrating for both my client’s and me! I knew that the problem was all about limiting beliefs so I begin to look for tools to change their beliefs and move them forward. That is when I found Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

EFT is a powerful technique used by over 6,000 doctors, psychologists, therapists, chiropractors, and healing professionals worldwide. It is fast and the results are often dramatic and long lasting. In fact, it often works when nothing else will. You can read hundreds of case studies on the official website showing how effective it can be on a variety of issues from pain, to post traumatic stress to childrens’ issues.

But how does it work? How can it possibly work so well?

EFT’s dramatic results boast such high success rates, it even generates skepticism in the practitioners witnessing it with their own eyes.

So why does it work so well? EFT is a mind body technique that falls under the branch of psychology called Energy Psychology. It is based on traditional cognitive behavior therapy, a prevalent talk therapy approach, combined with the eastern medicine philosophy of acupuncture. It uses tapping on acupuncture meridian points called acupoints (without the use of needles) while discussing issues in a conversational manner.

But what is a mind body technique? Mind body philosophies recognize we are not just bodies. We have thoughts, emotions and bodies all of which create our experiences. Our brain, a highly electro-chemical organ, is in the middle, interpreting our thoughts and creating the sensations in our body we associate with emotions, like fear, anger, joy. It operates much like an electrical circuit, or loop, from thought to emotion to physical sensation.

This is where EFT makes its profound impact. The gentle tapping on the meridian acupoints seems to send a signal back to the brain breaking the circuit of thought, emotion and physical sensations that underlie fears, painful emotions and physical pain.

Take the example of anger. Anger is comprised of thought, emotion and physical sensation. It starts with a thought, like a memory of an injustice or maybe just an angry thought about a conflict that may happen. Our mind interprets what we are thinking or observing as threatening to the self. Our brain responds instantly by generating and releasing a cascade of chemicals into our body – hormones like adrenalin that create the sensations of anger in our body. This is the classic fight or flight response.

EFT short circuits the connection of the emotion and physical response from the thought or memory. So you can remember the same memory or be in the same situation and feel nothing, no connection to the anger. This is why it’s called the Emotional Freedom Technique…because you gain emotional freedom from your issue.

It also has been shown to eliminate cycles of irrational thought that accompany phobias or that can result from traumatic experiences. In their place, you can find a more balanced and empowered perspective. EFT tapping also appears to stimulate the brain to release the “feel good” hormones like seratonin and endorphins, which have an immediate calming effect.

In success coaching, EFT is used to uncover and release self limiting beliefs and habits that hold you back from your potential. This is a surprising and fun process that can make profound, but effortless, changes in your habits of thinking and acting.

Where Do You Want to Use EFT to Succeed Today?

  • Career?
  • Business Building?
  • Stress Management?
  • Sports?
  • Speaking/ Acting/ Music Performance?
  • Academics?
  • Overcoming Fears?

Eliminate stress, anxiety and other unwanted negative emotions that limit your success, health and happiness. Identify goals, find balance and enhance performance in all areas of your life (career, sports, school…)

Be, do and have what you really want in life!

So…what is the key to achieving this success…?

It has been said many times throughout history, in a number of different ways, but basically it comes down to this:

We become what we think and feel about.

Your thoughts are creating your reality. If you wonder what the sum total of your thoughts are, take a look at your life. Your outer world is a mirror image of your inner world.

It is estimated that 90% or more of our behavior is unconscious. That means that most of our behavior is preprogrammed, and much of that programming can stop us in our tracks as we set out to achieve our goals. So, much of the stuff that keeps you from achieving what you really want in life is beyond your conscious control–most of the time you aren’t even aware you are doing it. Fortunately, this programming can be changed!

Say Goodbye to Being Stuck and Experience the Freedom to Move Towards Success

I work with clients either privately on the phone or in groups. I offer teleclasses and group coaching as well.

If you have questions or are interested in learning more about EFT contact me for a free 15 minute introductory phone consultation. Send an email to…

Please note: The work I do can provide relief from a number of issues, and can be wonderfully beneficial as a complementary therapy. However, I am neither a licensed psychotherapist nor a physician, and certain issues should be addressed by such professionals. Thank you for considering what is best for your physical and emotional well-being.

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