It’s Monday.  Most people left home today with a little less then a spring in their step!  This is so common that there have been songs written about the dread of going to work on Monday!  Remember…”Just Another Manic Monday”?  Even if you usually like your job there are days when the endless meetings, mundane paperwork  or crushing overwhelm of projects get to be too much.  It is easy to lose yourself and your joy in the stress of work.  If that is where you find yourself today, there is hope.  Bringing fun into your work day doesn’t have to be time consuming or hard.  It just takes a  couple of steps  and a bit of creativity.  Here are a two ideas to step off  the rat race and put a spring in your step…

Step 1:  Right now think about an activity you enjoy at work.  How long has it been since you got to do that?  Find a way to do one thing that you consider fun and fulfilling at work today.  It is amazing how doing even just one activity you enjoy will brighten up your day and give you an energy boost. (Even if the rest of your day is full of the mundane!)

Step 2:  Take a minute to write down some of your top strength’s.  Remember a strength is an activity that you love and that energizes you.  For example, a client of mine has the strength of creating  process.  She is a master at looking at a task and then writing down the steps to complete the task in the most efficient way possible.  She absolutely loves doing this!  So by finding a way to do this at work she gets a huge amount of joy and fulfillment.  What are your strengths?  Everyday at work ask yourself , “How can I use my strengths at work today?”

Not only will these two steps help you take practical action at work to bring you joy but it also enrolls the power of your mind.  When you give your mind something to work on rather then worry or complain itself to death it will completely change how you feel.  Your subconscious is very obedient so when you give it the messages like…”What are my strengths?” or “What do I like to do?” or “What can I do today to have some fun? ” The subconscious goes to work to bring these things to your conscious attention.  But you won’t really care about that.  What you are going to care about is that you are having a great time and really..Isn’t that what we all want?!

Have an amazing Monday!

Leanna Fredrich, Executive and Top Performance Coach




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