I’m inviting you, my hard-working friend, to take a break from the stress and anxiety of your life for a moment and breath deeply.  Repeat this statement…”Life is hard.” How true does it feel to you?  Most of us were raised in hard-working families and communities who taught us this belief.

But is it really true?  Can building a business or career be enjoyable and (gasp!) easy?

This is the topic we talked about in our Business Summer Camp last week.  We considered what it would be like to really believe that growing a business could be easy.   How would that change things for you?  What would be the downsides of believing life was easy?

One of the fears that came up for our class members was the fear that if they believed growing a business was fun and easy they would be lazy.  They see themselves laying around on the couch napping and watching TV as their bank accounts shrink and the bills pile up.

Maybe this is a fear you have as well.  But is this fear realistic?  While it is true that many of us  are completely burned out and exhausted and so we would love to have a huge chunk of time to lay around, my bet is that after a couple weeks on the couch or even the beach you would be rushing to get back to creating something work related.

Have you ever noticed how many great, creative work ideas you get when you are allowing yourself some downtime?  That’s what happens when you release some stress and do something different.  So perhaps life doesn’t have to be so hard?  Perhaps we could live with a lighter sense about us and build that business or career of our dreams?

I challenge you to try changing your mind.  Instead of believing, “Life is hard”  try out “Life is easy.”  Remember, our brain is very obedient.  What we tell it to look for …it does.  So have it look for a way to live life with joy and lightness.  Why not?!

Have an amazing Monday!

Leanna Fredrich, Executive and Top Performance Coach

PS:  Are you ready to experiment with this new way of living?
would like to hear your comments and experiences as you play with this
new idea that “Life is Easy.”  Feel free to comment!
Also, it is not too late to join our Business Summer Camp! We’d love to have you be a part of the
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