I am often asked by clients,” How do I stay positive?” Researchers discovered that out of the thousands of thoughts we think everyday most of them are the same thoughts over and over. Sadly, most of those thoughts are negative. It is easy to know if you are thinking mostly negative or positive thoughts by how you feel. If you feel good you are thinking good thoughts. If you feel bad you are thinking negative thoughts. A way to begin shifting thoughts from being predominately negative to positive is through affirmations. One of my favorite writers of affirmations is Louise Hay. Here are some of my most treasured affirmations…

I am grateful to be alive today. It is my joy and pleasure to live another wonderful day.

Life supplies all my needs in great abundance. I trust Life.

I open my arms to all the good and abundance Life has to give.

My income is constantly increasing, and I prosper wherever I turn.

Just by spending a few minutes everyday saying affirmations you are replacing some of those boring, old negative thoughts with new positive ones. They’ll motivate, encourage and best of all make you feel great!

Have an amazing Monday!
Leanna Fredrich, Life Coach, Adv. EFT, Adv. Psych-K

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