“When the mind talks, the body listens. We literally talk ourselves into and out of every victory or defeat in the game of life. Dr. Denis Waitley, human performance scientist

“Words form the bridge between mind and matter; they play a vital role in shaping our reality.” Victoria Moran

Words are powerful and the words we choose especially when we are talking about ourselves are like windows into the beliefs our subconscious holds. This is often easier to see in others. How often have you complimented someone only to have them discount what you said? “Oh, this old thing!” “It was no big deal.” Have you heard yourself or others say things like…”I’m not the smart one in my family.” “I’ll never make that much money.” Each time words like this are said the subconscious files them away. The subconscious mind doesn’t get jokes! It takes every sentence you say about yourself as fact. Gradually our beliefs and the words that support them create our reality. It is so important that we watch our words and choose words which will create a reality we desire to live in.

Coaching Questions:

1. Notice your words today. Are they supportive of what you want in your life?

2. Do you put yourself down? “I am such a slob.” “I’m such an idiot sometimes.”

3. Do you diminish your accomplishments? “Oh it’s nothing.” “Anyone could have done it.”

4. Catch yourself using self-sabotaging language and choose words which will support you instead.

Dance with Joy,
Leanna Fredrich
Life Coach

“If you are ready to get rid of the beliefs holding you back from success contact me at coach@leannafredrich.com”

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