I am so excited to let you know that I have just finished a book which I cowrote with two friends, Dr. David Hubbard and Dr. Heidi Sauder. Body Sense for Women (that’s the book!) begin in a pain clinic as Dr. David Hubbard worked with chronic pain patients.  He and his colleagues encouraged  patients to scan their bodies regularly and notice the sensations they were experiencing.  Those sensations often related to feelings the patients were having.  A  lump in the throat indicated sadness, a tightness in the chest related to anxiety, butterflies or a racy feeling in the stomach to fear and a pinch or tension in the shoulder blade area to anger and so on.  When patients identified the feeling early and took steps to alleviate the negative emotion they could often avoid the progression to a migraine or other severe pain symptoms.

Dr. Heidi Sauder as a therapist and I as a Life Coach took this idea into our practices to help clients better identify their feelings and  make wise decisions on a course of action. Much to our surprise most of our clients did not identify their feelings accurately until they begin paying attention to their bodies.  It is too easy to allow society and our own beliefs to mislead us.  For example if you think being angry is “bad” then you may say you are depressed or sad instead.  If you take the time to notice what your body is telling you then you will know the truth and can take action that is most effective.  The body never lies!
So now we bring these ideas and practices to you.  Using these simple techniques will enable you to use your body’s wisdom to take excellent care of your emotional and physical health which leads to a more joyful and meaningful  life. To order the book or learn  more go to
Dance with Joy,

Leanna Fredrich, Life Coach

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