If you are burned-out in your career and have always longed to make a career change that you are passionate about and live a lifestyle you have only dreamed about then keep reading!

I have worked as a Life Coach with hundreds of clients who were stuck like you, dragging themselves out of bed on Monday morning dreading going to work at a job they don’t like and with people who they would rather not spend time with. They feel numb and disconnected from joy–from life. They feel like their lives and especially their jobs are meaningless and lack purpose. They don’t want to waste their life on a career they have grown to dislike. The problem is they don’t know what to do next .

Linda was feeling burned out at her corporate job.  She had worked her way up in the company but now just felt stuck and bored. Is there hope for Linda and those of you like her? Absolutely! All you have to do is begin reawakening your feelings and follow your hearts desire. It worked for Linda. After going through the “The Secrets to Discovering Your Passion-Filled Career” program she realized that she wanted to be her own boss and in a business that would give her more freedom of time. The one part of her job that brought her great joy was the few times she was able to mentor young women just beginning their careers. She started a mentoring company for young women who have ambitions of reaching the executive level of their career. Linda is thrilled and extremely successful in her new venture. It can happen for you too!

I want you to be excited about your work!

I have been teaching workshops and coaching hundreds of clients for the last 10 years helping people reconnect to their passions and follow their heart’s desire. It is a thrill for me to see people getting back in touch with their true selves and creating businesses or careers doing what they love to do. I enjoy teaching live workshops but begin to get frustrated with how few people I could reach. Not everyone lives in Denver, Colorado! So I decided to create an audio program from my workshop “The Secrets to Discovering Your Passion-Filled Career”. Now I can reach people all over the world and help them find their passion and life’s work.

“Discover Your Passion-Filled Career” Audio Program includes these Benefits and More…

  • Figure out what you really want! Many people are at a place where they feel numb and confused about what they want. They have had years of burying their desires and doing what they felt they must. Now nothing sounds fun except a long nap! I promise your passion is there ready to be discovered. It is those desires that will make your life exciting and joyful!
  • Learn the very best ways to nurture and care for yourself so that you will be creative, energized and in tune with your inner wisdom.
  • How to minimize tolerations for increased energy, time, creativity and decreased chaos.
  • Discover your passions so that your life has zest and direction.
  • The truth about what you value and how values are clues to career fulfillment.
  • Find out how to determine your vision, purpose, and goals. When you are clear on your vision, purpose and goals it is easy to be motivated to make the changes necessary to create a fabulous life.
  • You will grow your vision. Most of us think way too small. No wonder it is hard to stay motivated! My job is to guide you to grow a vision so huge, exciting and rewarding that you can’t wait to get started!
  • Find your purpose so that your life feels more meaningful has focus and so that you will make your own unique and powerful impact on the world.
  • Learn what your strengths or geniuses are and how to focus on them so that life has less struggle and you effortlessly stand out as being exceptional. By using your strength’s you will make the biggest impact and have the most fun!
  • Use your commute time to find your passion by listening to the 15-20 minute daily audio program.

Here’s what people like you are saying…

“This program will absolutely help you find clarity and direction. Leanna is a kind, warm, friendly, experienced coach and instructor. I am SO happy I took this class.” –Janette

“In this program Leanna’s challenge was not only to help me find my passion but to convince me that I even had one. She succeeded in both.” –Kathy

“I would say go for it! This program changed my life and I am positive that it will change yours too!” –Jackie

“This program is a wonderful way to narrow down the things that are important to you and figure out ways to incorporate those things into a meaningful and passionate life. Leanna is truly gifted at helping you find your passion and helping you make the dream a reality.” –Shannon Clay

“This program is great to develop a starting place for a new career. It really helped me clear away previous conceptions of a career and start thinking about a career that will fit better and take me to new places.” –Tom A.

“This was tremendously helpful in guiding me back to my true passions. The activities had interesting and thought-provoking questions that gave me a fresh perspective on moving forward with my life’s true passions.” –K. Champion

Say Goodbye To Being Stuck and Fill your Life With Passion!

To work through this program in one-on-one Coaching would cost you around $900.00 or more depending on how many sessions it took. The program is easy to follow and provides step-by-step instruction on how to work through the material and exercises. I have been walking people through this for years so I know it works! That is why the The Secrets to Discovering Your Passion-Filled Career audio set is such a bargain at $37.00.

I am committed to helping you be successful in finding your passion.

What you get in The Secrets to Discovering Your Passion-Filled Career:

  • 8 downloadable audios that you can listen to on your iPod (MP3 device) or put on a CD:
    • Day 1: The Quickest Way to Finding Your Passion
    • Day 2: The Truth About What You’re Putting Up With
    • Day 3: The Key to Even More Energy
    • Day 4: Get Ready for a Passion Hunt!
    • Day 5: What Would You Do With Five Lives?
    • Day 6: The Secret to Feeling Fulfilled
    • Day 7: Unlock the Key to a Career Change That Uses Your Genius
    • Day 8: Say Goodbye to a Life Without Purpose!
  • A downloadable workbook (in PDF format) to print out. Click here to view the Table of Contents.
  • Monthly Quotes and Coaching Questions to keep you motivated and focused.
100% Risk-Free
Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with what you learn from The Secrets to Discovering Your Passion-Filled Career we don’t expect… or want… to keep your money. Just send an email to us and we’ll refund your money in full.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
But… the entire course is yours to keep no matter what as a thank-you gift from us.
So you can’t really lose! The course is yours no matter what.

Prepare for a Career You Love!

Order your copy of The Secrets to Discovering Your Passion-Filled Career audio program now!  It’s only $37.00.

There is no waiting as you will be taken to a page where you can download the audios today (or listen online)!! Start today to fill your work and life with passion.

Dance with Joy,

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Leanna Fredrich

P.S. Don’t forget, we are talking about THE most important topic you have… Your life! The most amazing gift you can give to those you love and to this world is YOU. You, full of passion, following your dreams and spending your work hours doing work that is meaningful and fulfilling to you. Don’t wait another day to find out what your passion is.

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