The Menopause/EFT ProjectOkay, I know I don’t normally talk about menopause but when two wonderful women…Gail and Carrie contacted me about contributing the Emotional Freedom Technique portion of the book I couldn’t say “no.”  I am so proud of the finished product and know that it holds a wealth of knowledge to help make this time of life a time of transformation and joy.  Here’s a bit more about the book…

Menopause has been called ‘THE single most dramatic event to happen to the female body-and brain- in the course of a woman’s lifetime’- even more challenging and traumatizing than childbirth.More and more studies are bearing this out, and with every passing day it’s becoming increasingly clear that Menopause causes a host of life-altering physical, psychological and emotional symptoms- many of them debilitating.

The Menopause/EFT Project has been carefully designed to address the major Menopause-related issues that plague most women, and educate about the hormone related changes and symptoms- so you can better understand exactly what’s happening to you- and why.

Not only are these issues discussed clearly- this book offers a solid solution for dealing with them head-on; bringing you peace of mind, a strong sense of wellbeing and freedom as you move forward to the next stage of life.

The Menopause portion of this program has been created by Menopause specialists, Gail Sophia Edgell, Founder and President of   and Carrie E. Pierce, Founder and President of  , using the latest studies and the vast hands-on experience they’ve gained from working directly with their thousands of peri menopausal and Menopausal clients.

The Emotional Freedom Technique/EFT portion of this program has been created and customized specifically for you by EFT specialist and Life Coach, Leanna Fredrich, Founder and President of  .

If you’re looking to get the best out of this time of transition, and free yourself at a very deep level, this program is A MUST!’

Purchase your E-book here for only $9.97  and download it immediately…

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