Ever since we were children we were taught how important it is to be grateful.  We hear things like,  “Be thankful for what you have.”  “Be grateful, don’t take things for granted.”  The whole idea of gratitude was often presented as something you should do even though it may or may not have any benefit to you personally.  It was just something good people did.

Recently I read about a experiment that raised a lot of questions for me about the power of feelings such as gratitude or love.  Since I don’t have the answers to the questions that came up I will just pass the questions on to you to ponder!  (I just love to share! )

I read about this experiment in the book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza.  The scientist,  Dr. Rein gathered a group of 10 individuals who were well practiced in producing the feelings of love and gratitude.  He asked them to hold vials containing DNA samples suspended in deionized water .  They were to feel positive emotion such as gratitude or love.  After holding the DNA for 2 minutes,the samples were analyzed.  There was no statistically significant changes in the DNA.

In the second experiment the trained participants  were asked to hold a clear intention to either wind or unwind the DNA.  They however, were not asked to have any particular feeling while doing it. When the samples were tested nothing had changed.

In the third experiment the participants were asked to hold the vials, feel gratitude or love and hold the intention of winding or unwinding the DNA.  Amazingly the group produced statistically significant changes in the DNA samples.  In some cases the DNA was wound or unwound as much as 25% and this, after only 2 minutes!

So what does this mean?  If we can wind or unwind DNA, which is not even our own, by combining an intention and the elevated emotion of love or gratitude what else can we do?  Perhaps we have far more power to create in our lives then we think!  As quantum physicists discover the power to change particles just by our focus  it opens up a whole bunch of questions.  What would happen if we set an intention or goal and then spent time focusing on that goal while feeling as grateful as if we already were experiencing the results of that goal in our life?

Before you eat your Thanksgiving dinner and gratefully sink onto the couch for a nap…think about this.  Become the scientist in your life.  Play with the power of your mind and body.  And above all remain curious and thankful!

Have an amazing Monday!

Leanna Fredrich, Mindset Coach, Adv. Psych-K, Adv. EFT



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