Successful Entrepreneur Mindset Series Speakers

Have you ever wondered what makes some people successful and others just struggle?

These two types of people seem to work equally hard but with very unequal results. Start this New Year out right by listening to the success secrets of 4 super-successful entrepreneurs!

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Recently, I interviewed 4 top entrepreneurs about what it took to create their success. When all is said and done, once you have a certain amount of skills and knowledge the one area that makes the pivotal difference between ho-hum to top performance is mindset… what you believe, what you think over and over.

  • Learn what it takes to be successful.
  • Find out some of the pitfalls these entrepreneurs faced and how they overcame them.
  • Revealed: What you need to be thinking to get the edge.
  • Discover the success habits that will take you to the top.
  • Get free resources from each of my star interviewees.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, climbing the corporate ladder or competing as an athlete you will learn from these top performers.

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Patrice BarberPatrice Barber – has founded 6 companies and taken two to over one million dollars in revenue. She is a sought-after serial entrepreneur, well known for her speaking, training and award winning operations expertise. And now you can learn from her…

Read more about Patrice at her website: Taylor-Made Small Business.

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Jeanette McVoyJeanette McVoy – Jeanette grew her business so fast she was able to quit her full-time nursing job in just a year and a half–now making twice what she made as a nurse, working from home, and spending two days each week with her grand-kids! Undeniably, Jeanette has created a life-style that most people only dream of. Learn how you can too…

Read more about Jeanette at Send-Out Cards.

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John RobinsonJohn C. Robinson – is an award-winning author and in-demand corporate speaker who has shared the stage with some of the top business development speakers and financial strategists of our generation. John has published dozens of titles and sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books and information Products. Make sure you listen to John’s interview…

Read more about John at his website: Earn Profits From Your Passion.

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Tuck SelfTuck Self – Co-Author of A Juicy, Joyful Life: Inspiration from Women Who Have Found the Sweetness in Every Day, Host of “Tuck Talk” Radio: Personal Empowerment – Enthused, Ballsy & Rebelicious, Creator of Belles with Balls: Profiles of Brilliant, Powerful & Playful Women, Author of The Rebel-ution: A Woman’s ‘Rebelicious’ Guide to Freedom, Liberation & Bold Self-Expression. Don’t miss Tuck’s interview…

Learn more about Tuck at her website: The Rebel Belle.

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