You have worked hard, honed your leadership skills and now you are in front.  The eyes of your company are on you, looking to you for vision and direction.  How exciting!  Not so much. My guess is that your brain is often going to the place of , “Oh, crap!”  Let’s face it, it is tough being the leader.  There is a disorientation that leaders experience when there is no one but themselves to follow.  On top of that, you feel the responsibility to lead your people and company in a direction of growth and strength.  What if you mess up?  All those people are looking to you to make the right decisions and have the vision.

It’s no wonder that so many leaders sabotage.  One minute they are brilliant and confident and the next they seem confused and lost.  What can you do as a leader to avoid the disorientation that comes from being in front?  The first step is to trust the vision, skills and intuition that got you there in the first place.  Understand that your subconscious mind processes huge amounts of information before your conscious mind even realizes it.  Scientists call this preemptive perception.  This is why so often your first hunch is right.    Take regular time to sit quietly and think about your vision.  Learn to trust your own guiding light.  The next step is to find other leaders that you feel safe with and meet with them regularly to discuss ideas, issues and to just have fun.  The third step is to hire a Coach.  Someone who will notice when you begin to sabotage, call you on it and help you shift your limiting beliefs to more supportive ones.  Someone who will remind you to trust your inner guidance.

The beauty and pain of being the leader is that it requires personal growth.  It requires a new level of trust in yourself.  What an opportunity!  Embrace it, get the support you deserve and make the positive impact you’ve been dreaming of.


Have an amazing Monday!

Leanna Fredrich, Mindset Coach, Adv. EFT, Adv. Psych-K

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