Surprise yourself—Stop struggling and blow your own socks off with achievement in 2012!

Join this group of big-thinkers and learn this breakthrough system to boost your achievement potential this year.

Right now in 2012 is your decision point: it can either end up like every other year where you continue doing what you’ve always done—getting what you’ve always gotten. Or it can be the year where you make a subtle shift and begin getting results beyond what you’ve ever seen before.

And there’s still time to blow your own socks off—and everyone else’s too!

Look, I know everyone says that change has to be hard. Or that people don’t change. They say that’s why people get fatter and people stay poor. Or why businesses and relationships plateau and stagnate.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. See, most people use techniques that require grit and determination to work, totally ignoring the fact that they are struggling against the habits and patterns of their subconscious mind. That doesn’t need to be.

Imagine the self-respect you’ll gain by achieving your goals for 2012 and the impact you’ll have on those around you! What if I told you that you could have all that?

Ready? Then take action by clicking the button below to register now…

You should be recognized and respected for who you are and what you do. If you’re like most people, you feel like you’re just getting by, doing the same old thing. Maybe people already look at you like you’ve accomplished a lot, but you know that you have a really big idea inside of you—that level of success—that you are still dreaming of.

It’s more than others respecting and being impressed by you (although that’s nice sometimes), you want that quantum leap of success where you feel like your dreams are finally beginning to flow—like you’re “in the zone.”

You want to surprise yourself and live the big life you dream of.

Nobody wants the feeling of being like Sisyphus from Greek mythology, pushing rocks up hill, only to see them roll down again after gritting their way to a minor summit. Instead, what if life could be like a flywheel that, once spinning, begins carrying momentum so you can catch your breath and begin flourishing instead of grinding out one day after another?

Opportunities are out there and coming your way incredibly fast, but maybe you don’t see them. Or maybe you don’t know how to handle them all. What if exciting things just came along without you having to push push push to make them happen—like they just get set up on their own ready for you to cash in on them?

Contrary to what most everyone preaches, you can have it all. You can keep it all, too, and do, be, and have even more! Plus you can enjoy the journey, without struggling and be “in the zone.” How? By embracing the fact that your subconscious mind controls up to 95% of what you do every day! That’s it.

Change your mind… Change your results.

So that sounds easy right? I get that. It’s not. Unless you get the right kind of training and support. You can get that needed support and training for your subconscious mind with my upcoming four-week class to get “in the zone.”

Benefit from my years of learning about the subconscious mind, how your mindset creates your world and studying coaching techniques to breakthrough to success. I’ll admit, I’ve been “a bit” obsessed with studying the practical application of the latest neuroscience, exploring new techniques and pondering what makes people successful (and others not). And how to take the struggle out of everyday life.

Like most experts, I always experiment on myself first. I’ll be the first to admit that I teach what I most need to learn. So in this class we’ll progress together.

In this four-week class, you’ll:

  • Uncover and eliminate your mental blocks to success so you are free to reach your goals with ease.
  • Understand the secrets of how your brain helps and hinders you in different scenarios.
  • Discover four ways to work with your brain so life gets a whole lot easier!
  • Learn to take the right steps at the right time to reprogram your brain.
  • Discover a powerful tool to find and release blocks to success.
  • Begin leveraging your subconscious to make your life easier—and way more successful!
  • Achieve more with less effort.
  • Learn the top blocks to success and how to avoid them.
  • Retrain your brain for success.
  • Know you’re not alone–“borrow benefits” by being in a group and hearing others get coached and work with same issues you’re facing.

This class is not just learning and lecture. It’s a “doing” class where we work together, performing the techniques taught so you can use them for a lifetime of future success. Change begins with the very first class!

Make 2012 the year you can be proud of. The year when you began taking charge, achieving amazing results, and enjoying your journey while expending less effort.

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Your registration includes:

  • 4 one-hour live, interactive telephone classes.
  • Session 1 – Introduction to What’s Inside Your Head.
  • Session 2 – The Amygdala Will Get You!
  • Session 3 – Your Reticular Activating System and You.
  • Session 4 – How to Adjust Your Success Thermostat.
  • 1 one-hour bonus Q&A session.
  • Unlimited email support.
  • Additional bonus video training as necessary to teach you the techniques.

So when is this class being held? (logistics)

  • Four weeks beginning Thursday, February 9
  • at 7pm Mountain Standard Time (MST)
  • meeting subsequent Thursdays:
  • February 16,
  • February 23,
  • March 1

As you can see, time is of the essence!

You’ll need to act fast to be part of this class and make the changes you are dreaming of for 2012! This tele-seminar is over five hours of information-packed, life changing, transformational training sessions.

And it’s available to you for only $147 Click the button below to register…

P.S. My private clients pay me over $100 per hour for these techniques and transformational training. But you get five hours of my time in this group for only $147.

That’s a savings of more than $350!

But you need to act fast. Click the button below to register now and lock in your savings—and change your life in 2012…

P.S.S. As usual, I’m offering my absolutely no-risk guarantee. If you’re not happy, I’m not happy. So if for any reason, during the duration of the class, your not convinced of its incredible value, I’ll refund 100% of your investment. And as usual, any and all materials that have been made available to you will still be yours to keep. You assume absolutely no risk.

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