I am fascinated by the brain and love to read about all the new information researchers are discovering.  I was recently reading about how we can be addicted to an emotion.  Here’s how… When you have a thought the brain decides what chemicals are appropriate for the thought and sends them into your body.  Take fear for example.  You have a fearful thought, the brain sends out those “be careful you’re in danger” chemicals  and you feel afraid.  If  you spend a lot of time thinking thoughts that cause fear then here’s what happens… Your cells have receptors on them for different chemicals.  If you are anxious a lot of the time new cells produce more receptors for “fear chemicals”  so that your body can handle it.  And that my friend, is how you can become addicted to an emotion.

So what is your “go to” emotion?  Do you spend a lot of your time angry, sad, frustrated, anxious?  I asked myself this question, and realized that I was addicted to anxiety.  Every morning  one of my first thoughts was, “What do I need to worry about today?”  Of coarse, my ever resourceful brain always found something to worry about!

If your emotion of choice is not the best for your happiness and peace then here is the good news.  Our cells are constantly reproducing.  As soon as you change your “go to” emotion  your cells will reproduce with more receptors for those feel-good chemicals.  So now I consciously choose to ask the question every morning, “What am I looking forward to today?”  Hey, I want a happiness addiction.  How about you?!

Have an amazing Monday!

Leanna Fredrich

Life Coach, Adv. EFT, Adv. Psych-K

PS:  If you would like to find out how to speed up the process of changing your mindset, email me at leanna@amazingmondays.com


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