I am so excited to begin the launch of the
Unstoppable You in Business Intensive!  My
coproducer Mary and I have been planning and
dreaming about this since last year and now
it’s here!


This FREE online event brings you top
experts focused and ready to clear common
business blocks. It’s a week devoted to
clearing all those pesky limiting beliefs
that hold you back from joyous business

Today is Launch Day and you will receive
the first launch video…

It’s a free video with John Robinson an
award-winning author and in-demand
corporate speaker who has shared the stage
with some of the top business development
speakers and financial strategists of our


One hundred thousand dollars in a 100 days.
Maybe it sounds like a pipe dream, but how
would you like those numbers in your
business?! Here’s what you’ll learn in this
quick video…

Why John wanted to make a $100K in a 100
days just as an “example.”

The mindset shifts he had to make in order to
create $100,000 in a 100 days.

The single most important key to his success.

How to literally re-wire your brain to be able to
get what you want in life.

This short video will charge you up, boost your
productivity and change your mind about what’s
possible! Take a minute to watch now.


Have an amazing day!
Leanna Fredrich, Mindset Coach, Adv. EFT, Adv. Psych-K

P.S. – John’s video is part of the 2012 launch of the
Unstoppable You in Business Intensive. This amazing
FREE online event is all about your business mindset
and using a powerful technique to clear your baggage
so you can rock your business!


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