Of all the fears in the world, fear of success is the fear we are most blind to. Many client’s will tell me they are afraid of failure not success. So I challenge them look at their lives, goals, dreams and the truth is, they are already failing to meet those goals. They are handling failure just fine! Most of us are not that afraid of failure, we are afraid of success. One of the top reasons for fearing success is the fear of loneliness. Think about what happens when you are the boss or manager over a group of people. No longer can you stand and gripe at the water-cooler. You have to keep your feelings more contained. You feel alone.

Studies of top performers in business and sports show that top performers enjoy being alone. They enjoy focusing inwardly. This doesn’t mean that they are antisocial it simply means they enjoy the time they have to be alone and work on their craft. Rather then focusing on loneliness they focus on how their success will attract people to them.
Take a minute to think about your vision of success. Are you afraid that when you reach your goals you won’t fit in with your family, friends or business associates anymore? Can you handle being alone for periods of time without feeling lonely? If you are seeing some mental roadblocks to reaching success then now is the time to work on them. Start finding ways to spend time alone and enjoy it. Challenge yourself to think of success as a people-attractor. Understand that while you may lose some friends who are threatened by your success you will attract many more who are motivated and inspired by your success. Now is the time to move past mediocrity and live the big, inspiring and joyful life we were meant to live!

Leanna Fredrich, Mindset Coach, Adv. EFT, Adv. Psych-K
PS: If you would like support as you retrain your brain for success email me at Leanna@amazingmondays.com I look forward to talking with you!

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