Have you ever wondered why willpower never works? You can grit your teeth only so long before things go back to where they were. I was just reading a passage that explains why willpower doesn’t work…

The subconscious mind is where all the action takes place so whatever idea you put into the subconscious and hold to be true will manifest itself as an experience in your life. Now pay attention; your conscious mind, or conscious thought, is directive, but it is not creative. It has no power. It only expresses your desire. So the conscious mind can give only direction. The subconscious mind has the power, the energy and the action to make things happen. by Dr.Robert Anthony

When we try to push through and use willpower instead of getting the help of the subconscious then all we do is create stress and anxiety for ourselves. A much better way is to use the conscious mind to decide what you want and the subconscious mind to visualize, focus on and enjoy the creative process. So here are a few steps you can take to make sure you are using your subconscious mind to help you reach your goals…

1. Decide what you want to create.
2. Make an affirmation to say daily. (It needs to be positive and present tense.)
3. Imagine what it will be like when you reach that goal. How will you feel?
4. Believe you can reach the goal.
5. Take inspired action When you think of something you could do to get closer to your goal … Do it!
6. Enjoy the process. Relax and have fun.

Have an amazing Monday!

Leanna Fredrich, Life Coach, Adv. EFT, Adv. Psych-K
PS: If you need help to get clear, visualize and use your subconscious mind to reach your goals email me. I’d be honored to help you.

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