Shelly was interviewing for a senior management position.  She was thrilled with the job description, excited about the pay, benefits and opportunities, and best of all the company really wanted her.  But as she walked through the halls to her third interview she couldn’t help but notice a sense of “fear” or “threat.”  It just didn’t feel right.  Rather then talk herself out of her intuition Shelly trusted it and turned down the job.  A few months later the company fell apart and had to go through major restructuring that would have left her as a new hire, jobless.

Can you trust your intuition?  The subject of intuition has always been shrouded in mystery, a bit woo-woo.  We want to rely on facts not feelings.  But is intuition often embedded in subconscious fact?  Neuroscientists think that it may be.  One of the reasons we get a hunch or feeling is that our subconscious mind which is a whole lot faster then our conscious mind picks up patterns based on past experiences, pieces them together and makes a preemptive plan before it ever hits your conscious mind.  You register it as a gut feeling with very little you can consciously prove.  The truth is though, your intuition is often as or more accurate then your conscious thinking.

My challenge to you is to begin to listen to your intuition. Honor it and learn to trust it.  It takes guts to do it, especially at first but the payoffs are huge!  I would love to hear your experiences as you learn to trust your intuition.  Feel free to come back and comment!


Have an amazing Monday!

Leanna Fredrich, Mindset Coach, Adv. EFT, Adv. Psych-K

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