“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn

“There are two types of people – anchors and motors. You want to lose the anchors and get with the motors because the motors are going somewhere and they’re having more fun. The anchors will just drag you down.” Wyland

“I just do not hang around anybody that I don’t want to be with. Period. For me, that’s been a blessing, and I can stay positive. I hang around people who are happy, who are growing, who want to learn, who don’t mind saying sorry or thank you…and [are] having a fun time.” John Assaraf

Coaching Questions:

1. Take a look at the five people you hang around with most. Are they motors or anchors?

2. What are the traits you are looking for in your ideal friends and coworkers? Write them down.

3. Who do you need to be to attract the people you want in your life?

4. What boundries do you need to set to protect yourself from people who are energy drains?

5. Are there any relationships in your life that you need to let go?

Remember as you let go of relationships that do not serve you, you are leaving room for new, uplifting relationships to come into your life. Here’s to wonderful, energizing, joyful relationships!

Dance with Joy,

Leanna Fredrich
Success Coach for Professional and Executive Women
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