Ready, Set, Go!  Program Your Brain for Success…Coming Soon!  Watch for it…

You’ve seen super-fit athletes, muscles ripped.  They make running a marathon or leaping hurdles look so easy.  We all know it’s because they’ve taken the time to learn how to use their body and worked with trainers to maximize their efforts. 
Your brain is a muscle too.  You can learn to train it, maximize it’s efficiency and power so reaching your goals and creating your dreams comes with far less struggle and way more fun.  During this 4 session training you will learn techniques to maximize the power of your brain so that success flows in. You will discover a powerful tool to find and release blocks to success. And that’s just a start…  Transform your life and make this year amazing!  

The Secrets to Disovering Your Passionate WorkThe Secrets to Discovering Your Passion-Filled Career

Imagine waking up on Monday morning excited about your work! Is it possible? Absolutely! You can find (or create) work you are passionate about—that uses your strengths and feels meaninful and purposeful. The Secrets to Discovering Your Passion-Filled Career audio program helps you get there. As your personal, private coach, the program takes you through a step-by-step process to get you reconnected with what is important to you and what you are passionate about. Let’s get started creating the business or career of your dreams today!

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Monday MotivationMonday Motivation

Have you ever wished you could take your Coach to work with you to keep you motivated and clear on what is truly important in your life and business?

  • Take a coach with you everyday.
  • Stay focused and motivated.
  • Get clarity on your life and business.

Monday Motivation gives you more-than six-months-worth of weekly motivation you can print out and leave on your desk, hang in your office or on your refrigerator to remind you of what is important and keep you motivated and focused. Each of the more-than 35 topics begins with motivating quotes, a quick thought on the topic by your Coach (me!) and wrapped up with challenging Coaching Questions. Keep your life and business on track with this simple weekly motivation reminder. It is the small things that often result in the biggest changes!

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Tap Into Action: Finding Your Passionate WorkTap Into Action: Finding Your Passionate Work Now!

If you want work you love but feel stuck in a boring or energy-draining job then this book is for you. This EFT Tap-Along Script Book will help you tap away the limiting beliefs blocking you from finding and/or creating your passionate work. This ebook addresses the most common limiting beliefs, and guides you to replace them with supportive ones, giving you the freedom and momentum to create your passionate work!

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The Law of Attraction in ActionThe Law of Attraction in Action

Have you watched the world-wide movie sensation The Secretbut wonder how to utilize The Law of Attraction? Learn to leverage the Law of Attraction in just 15 minutes per day!This ebook is packed full of practical ways to learn, understand and leverage The Law of Attraction in ways that benefit you. Designed as a daily step-by-step guide, this ebook walks you through the next 90 days with simple, easy to follow exercises that will kick start your fabulous life!

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The Menopause/EFT ProjectThe Menopause / EFT Project:  Identify and Release Your Toxic Beliefs about Menopause- and Claim a Vibrant and Thriving Midlife

Menopause has been called ‘THE single most dramatic event to happen to the female body-and brain- in the course of a woman’s lifetime’- even more challenging and traumatizing than childbirth.  More and more studies are bearing this out, and with every passing day it’s becoming increasingly clear that Menopause causes a host of life-altering physical, psychological and emotional symptoms- many of them debilitating.  The Menopause/EFT Project has been carefully designed to address the major Menopause-related issues that plague most women, and educate about the hormone related changes and symptoms- so you can better understand exactly what’s happening to you- and why.

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Body Sense: A Woman's 5-Step Body GuideBodySense: A Women’s 5-Step Body Guide

Understand what your body is telling you to alleviate pain, make better decisions at work, and deepen relationships.  Scanning your body for sensations and being able to localize sensations and describe them is different than just guessing what you are feeling. Curiosity about sensations within your body gives awareness of feeling and knowing what you feel is the first step in figuring out what you should do or how you should act. This book will guide you in scanning the inside of your body for sensations and in using these sensations to know what you feel.

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